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risenfromthedust asked:

I know you have been asked this probably a billion times :3333 But what got you into music in the first place and how long have you been doing it for? Also just some random stuff, inspirations? Favorite vsts? (Sorry huge fanboy) xD



Well, I suppose my very first step into producing was in 2002 (middle school… yeah, i’m really old). Me and my friends liked to make stupid videos all the time, so searching for video editing software I stumbled across Sony Acid and realized making music was way more fun :P Though I only started to seriously focus on my music a couple of years ago.

As far as inspiration:

- Old dance music (from the 90s into the first half of the 00s; before “EDM” was even a thing). There is a sort of “feeling” in those old tunes that’s missing from dance music of today - that’s what inspires me. Too many specific artists to list; but to give you an idea, this is one of my all time favorite tunes ever <3

- Feed Me, KOAN Sound, Dog Blood, and Noisia - pretty much the only “big” artists that I really look up to anymore. IMO they’re among the few artists still actually pushing forward and innovating.

- Yuki Kajiura’s soundtrack work <3

- Max Martin’s 90s pop productions (Ace of Base/*NSYNC especially; im srs)

- Timbaland

- The Neptunes

- Game soundtracks (yep, I am really old holy shit):
    - Sonic 1, 2, and 3 (SEGA Genesis)
    - Donkey Kong Country 1, 2, and 3 (SNES)
    - Goldeneye 64
    - Gran Turismo 2
    - Wipeout (wipE’out”)
    - SimCity 3000/SimCity 4 (really)
    - Grand Theft Auto Series (SO MUCH <3)


My favorite plugins:

- Tone2 BiFilter (essential)
- ArtsAcoustic Reverb (my go-to reverb)
- ValhallaRoom/Shimmer/UberMod (awesome for huge “effect” type reverbs)
- Schaack Audio Transient Shaper (on everything)
- D16 Devastor/Decimort (nice distortions)
- Fabfilter Pro-Q and Pro-L (my go-to EQ and Limiter)

- NI Absynth (totally underrated; especially for bass)
- NI Razor (resample a few times and tell me it’s not the sickest)
- Ableton Operator (I actually prefer it to FM8)
- u-he Zebra2 (pads, leads, etc)
- Lots of Reaktor ensembles
- Robert Henke’s Granulator (foley bass layering is where it’s at)

I also love really old sample CDs from the 90s - Zero-G Datafile 1,2,3 especially; those get more use than anything I’ve ever bought from Loopmasters tbh

that’s it pretty much :P




I want to work on tunes but headph0enz are wrecked. Waiting for Sennheiser to send them back. Epic sadface.

I constantly second guess everything I ever do.

I’m shy as fck.

I like TF2. W+M1 pyro all day.

Ableton = <3.

I fail at lots of stuff.

Databending is cool.

Messages make me happy ^_^

yay ponies.



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Luv ya :3

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